About Great Question

Great Question helps teams to scale and automate their customer research by provide the tools to find the right candidates. By integrating your tools and data systems with Great Question, you can greatly improve the speed and effectiveness of your teams research.


  • Help your team easily source candidates directly from your user base.
  • Ensure user data is up to date so that the right research candidates are being contacted
  • Manage compliance for privacy and spam (CAN-SPAM, GDPR etc) for unsubcribes and deletions.
  • Export your research data into your own internal BI tooling.

Ways to integrate

There are several ways to import candidates into Great Question:

  • Manually add individually through the web application
  • Upload a CSV through the importer
  • Integrate with the REST API
  • Connect a data sources such as Salesforce and Snowflake.
  • Creating custom data flows with Zapier.


The API is currently V1.0 however is considered in beta and is under active development.

Help & support

Please contact [email protected] with any technical questions regarding the API, help with integrating with Great Question, or feature requests.