The core of the this integration is the daily sync of all Salesforce Contacts to Great Question.

At a high level:

  • Contacts will be sync’d daily at midnight PST
  • Only Contacts will be imported (not Leads or Accounts)
  • An ‘on demand’ sync button will also be exposed for manual triggering on the sync.
  • Fetches all custom fields from the Contact object and allows mapping of each customer field in to GQ
  • Deleted contacts in Salesforce will be deleted in GQ

In the case of multiple Salesforce records with the same email, currently the first match will be used.

Connecting Salesforce



Duplicate Emails

Salesforce doesn't enforce uniqueness on emails, but at GQ we do. If the same email is duplicated in Salesforce we map the first match. No 1 to many emails

Custom Mapping

Currently we don't support custom mapping of attributes between Salesforce and GQ. Only direct mapping of attributes with the same name on both GQ and Salesforce contacts.

Imported Objects

Only import fields from the Contact object. Currently we do not import associated data (e.g. Leads, Opportunity, or Account information). We plan to launch Account data mapping in the near future.

Deleted Contacts in Salesforce

Deleted Contacts in Salesforce will be deleted in GQ too when the next sync happens. No custom behavior available currently.t

Two-way sync

Two way sync is not currently supported. We consider Salesforce as the source of truth. We do not write any data to Salesforce when data is changed in GQ.

Duplicate fields across Salesforce and GQ

If the candidate is fresh from Salesforce, the candidate will be shown with the values from Salesforce. If those attributes are changed in GQ, then we will favor those instead. However we won't send those values back to Salesforce (we don't write data into SF).